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Katya and Mariana are rivals on the ice. They never expect falling in love. It’s not only inconvenient, they are each other’s competition. 

Nineteen-year-old Olympic figure skater Katya Petrov’s life radically changes the moment Viktor, her skating partner and brother suffers a career ending injury, leaving her to face a solo career.

Mariana Gonzales never dreamed of training with the famous Petrov family, but when her mother accepts a 6-month contract as Viktor’s nurse, she gets the opportunity of a lifetime. At first Katya resents her from benefiting from her brother’s injury, but soon that resentment morphs into unavoidable attraction to the point she struggles to remember that Mariana is her competition first and foremost.

With the contract coming to an end, Katya and Mariana must decide if they are willing to risk their careers for a chance to be together.

Figure it out will be a New Adult WLW sports romance by Alexandra Garcia. CW: Eating Disorder and Anxiety. 

Figure it out

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